Advertising is basically the process of making the public AWARE of your brand, products or services. Really nothing more. That probably explains why your advertising is not working.

Awareness in a world of deep clutter and millions of messages per day, is hard. Hence, your advertising should be unique, fresh and different.

What every advertising goal seek to achieve is Top Of Mind Awareness (TOMA), so that the brand becomes No. 1 or 2 among her target audience. However, you cannot achieve the TOMA with a single message you push out there in a single year. Not possible!

Why do you remember Konga or Jumia for online shopping in Nigeria? It’s because they send out messages daily about their brand.

You need to be CONSISTENT with advertising for it to work.

An average person sometimes needs to see your messages like 5 – 20 times before you can start gaining space in their subconscious and that’s where you want to be, for your advertising efforts to be effective.

Simply because you have to send out messages a lot for you to gain TOMA, you also need to be fresh and creative so people are not bored.

I’m sure a lot of people can remember the popular LUMAPIL ad that people were praying to stop showing as they watched BBNaija show in 2017?

As a business, you really need to plan and detail your advertising efforts and create a daily, weekly or monthly plan to execute it consistently.

Your advertising efforts have to be consistent, continuous, creative, beautiful and fresh. You can achieve this easily by defining your target market and narrowing it as much as possible so that your budget can reach them.

No advertiser can ever have an unlimited budget, so you must carefully define a primary target market properly & focus on them.

If your product is for teens, just target them directly; don’t waste time with advertising messages to everyone. Then become so consistent that in their subconscious you are all they can think of, that’s when you begin to see the rewards of advertising.

That’s it. One of the reasons your advertising has not been working. For now, be absolutely focused on your target, keep your ads CREATIVE and CONSISTENT.

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