Ask Me Feature – A Cool New Way to Increase Brand Awareness and Reputation on Instagram

Great news! Instagram has launched a new feature called “Ask Me”

This story mode is aimed at fostering great relationships among its users. This means that your followers don’t have to go all the way to the Direct Message just to make an enquiry, they can ask questions real time about your products and services while they are scrolling through stories.

Supercool if you ask us.

We can almost hear you ask “How can I find this feature?” Well, click on your story, select your choice picture from gallery, swipe up and locate the “question” icon right beneath the “POLL” icon. (A little secret – do this every day)

“But why should I bother myself about this feature? I just want to do my thing and leave.”

Well here’s the gist, the more you use this Instagram feature, the more you are able to relate with your followers and connect effectively with them. Even if everyone is using it, it wouldn’t hurt to jump on the trend. Besides, either way, you would have nothing to lose.

Different from, the questions asked on Instagram aren’t from an anonymous source. You can see who is asking what question, and then decide if you want to share their handles or leave them anonymous.

We think it is a great addition to the family of Instagram, as more people, mostly the young ones spend more time on social media. So if your target is the youth, there is no better time than now.

A little advice, use an interesting image.

Be it for your business’ or personality, here is yet another fun way to increase brand awareness and reputation on Instagram.

Please let us know when you try it.

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