Phoster Communications wins Best Marketing Communications Company Award at West Africa Innovation Awards.

Phoster Communications has received an award for the “Best Marketing and Corporate Communications Company in West Africa”.

This recognition came from the West Africa Innovation Awards on Thursday, July 26, 2018.

We pride ourselves as a company filled with teams that have a rare combination of logic and magic, refusing to conform to the norm. We strike our path, we like challenges, we love to win, we stand out. This award came as a further proof to those claims.

Among other hand-picked agencies across West Africa, Phoster Communications emerged winner of this category.

The Managing Director, Tunde Owoeye-Phoster who was there, among others to receive the award on behalf of the agency, shared his story on becoming a Brand Doctor. As a teenager, he had the ambition to become a Medical Doctor. He soon realized that his passion lay in treating brands/companies, and not people.

It is this desire to grow solutions that meet clients’ marketing communication needs that led to the development of proprietary brand-building strategies. Years of research, testing, and innovation thus birthed Phoster.

At Phoster, our core value is DOPE. This stands for Differentiation, Originality, Perfection and Empathy and our activities revolve around our core values. We think creatively – out of the box, within the box, on top of the box.  In fact, as if there’s no box at all.

We are original and experimental. Our ability to create unique ideas and strategies that work can be clearly seen in our jobs. We are deeply committed to projects because we have deep empathy for our clients, and by extension, their target audience.

It is indeed a great opportunity to have worked with such brands as ALAT By WEMA, PAL Pensions, Procter & Gamble, Intercontinental Distillers Limited among several other companies/brands which earned us this reputation.

Are you looking to grow through market penetration, market development, alternative channels, product development, or expand your customer base? We can partner with you by providing strategy, corporate identity, branding, advertising, and marketing communications services, through unique cultural storytelling. We also have sister companies named BTL (branded items/branded space services), ATL (media-buying services) and MEBO (mobile messaging).

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